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Your Brand Voice: What it is & why it matters

When thinking of a brand, people often picture how a brand looks visually, from fonts to colors to designs. What often gets overlooked, is your brand's voice.

With the inclusion of social media in marketing efforts, brand voice has become more important than ever as a way to differentiate yourself in the crowd of digital chatter.

Let’s go further into the details on what brand voice is and how you can develop one of your own.

What is brand voice?

Brand voice is the distinct personality your brand takes on while communicating to your followers, customers and clients. This personality is applied everywhere your brand speaks, including newsletters, social media posts, internal communications like company announcements and advertising. You can’t have a distinct personality without a distinct brand voice.

It's important your brand’s voice reflects your company's core values and represents what you believe in or are trying to achieve—just don’t try too hard or it will look forced.

Why does brand voice matter?

The digital landscape is crowded. There's multiple platforms all filled with content and chatter from brands and individuals. Nowadays you can only stand out so much on the basis of your visual content, logo or product features alone. It's important your written content receives that same attention and consistency you give to the other elements of your brand presence to make sure that the 'voice' matches the 'image'.

Brand voice matters because you want your company to be consistent and recognizable. A successful brand should be easily identified by their content before you even see who posted it. Don't forget- how you present yourself is important to your consumers!

Also quality goes a long way for branding. Use your voice for thoughtful, and most importantly, impactful content. If someone enjoys the quality of your content and feels impacted by it, then they might just become a customer in the future.


Now that you have more information about brand voice, it’s time for you to go create your own. No personality is too much as long as it’s unique and fitting to your brand and audience.

Lastly, without a consistent check in on your brand voice, you risk sounding out of date or out of touch with your community. Always remember that your company’s priorities might shift over time, so your brand voice should also always be a work in progress too.


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