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  • Roger Cole

Free Marketing Ideas For 2023

Marketing campaigns are extremely important to make your product known to the world. However, these campaigns can sometimes cost you thousands of dollars or more. And that is risky in cases when you aren't sure if your product sales will make up for those expenses.

Therefore, the safer move is to apply marketing ideas that are effective yet cost you nothing. Let's look at some of them.

Top 5 Free Marketing Ideas In 2023

Free marketing ideas have two qualities. Firstly, they are effective in increasing awareness about your business. Secondly, these strategies require no money or little money, and some effort.

1) Influencer Marketing

An even more effective way to build your brand awareness is influencer marketing. Influencers on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube have hundreds of thousands of followers. These followers look up to these celebrities for advice and idolize their lifestyles.

Now you might be wondering, why would an influencer do your marketing for free. Well, they might. Initially at least. If an influencer really likes your product, they might do it for a commission instead of an upfront cost. So, even if it's not completely free later on, initially it is. And for the exposure you are getting, a little slice from your pie won't hurt you much.

If such an influencer promotes your product, it will have a greater impact on their followers' minds than any other advertisement. That's because followers trust their influencers and think highly of them.

There are influencers in all niches- fitness, beauty tips, cooking, technology, etc. Some are just good-looking boys and girls people love seeing on social media. You team up with the ones relevant to your service or product.

2) Focus On Local SEO

SEO or search engine optimization has brought a significant change to how we view marketing. Before SEO, companies went into the wild and searched for customers.

Well, SEO narrowed down this communication gap. Now, customers can search and find businesses that render the service they need. Therefore, all the big and small businesses target their niche-specific keywords and optimize their websites as best as they can to appear on the search engines.

Local SEO has taken this a bit further. Google is always trying to provide its users with the most practically useful results for their queries. And local SEO ensures that by helping people find businesses in their locality. This also means businesses can easily reach more customers in their area if they focus on local SEO.

Optimizing your business's online presence for your locality costs you nothing. Plus, it won't take much time.

You may already have a website. So, put location-specific keywords (Example: Rhode Island Auto Repairs or Ohio Flooring Experts) in the title, body, and other relevant parts. Also, make your regular posts specific to your business neighborhood.

3) Optimize Your Google Business Profile

If you have been running a business for some time, you probably already have a Google Business Profile. It's a great way to showcase your products with videos and photos. You can also add a service area to the profile to help with local SEO.

However, everyone knows how careful Google is about what it shows on its first page results. So, to establish more authority for your Google Business Profile, you have to verify your ownership over it. You can do that by creating a Google My Business Account and linking it to your profile. This will help increase your appearance on Google maps and local search results.

4) Free Marketing With Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are indispensable parts of modern life. So, engage more people on these platforms to reach your potential customers. Although this marketing won't cost you any money, you must be clever and creative with your tactics.

Promote your most popular blog posts on social media. Tag the Top Fans and regular customers on your page in your Facebook posts. This makes the customers feel more included and valued. Meanwhile, their friends become aware of your product and business when they view these tagged posts.

You can also use hashtags to ride recent trends and market your product in the process. Like SEO keywords, long-tail, and location-specific hashtags work best.

5) Conversational Marketing and Chatbot

If someone is unsatisfied with your product or service, they would like to give you a piece-of-their-mind. Your Facebook Page or Website's inbox provides them with a space to let it all out. And you can easily dilute their anger with a polite apologetic reply and promise of doing better in the future.

When the customer doesn't have this liberty of expressing their emotions directly to you, they might do it in a public review. So, a social media page not only connects you more with your customers but also saves you from damaging reviews.

And the best thing is you don't even need a human employee to do this. Just deploy chatbots. Unlike humans, they never get tired or ever lose their patience with a customer.


Coming up with a good product isn't easy. But once you complete that challenge, another difficulty lies ahead. And that is making people aware and interested in that product.

This is where marketing plays a crucial role. If you aren't sure how to do it or have a limited budget to spend, Digital HD Advertising can help you. Contact us for the variety of services we can provide for your business.


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