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Your Brand Is More Than Your Logo.

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Often times businesses overlook the potential of what a brand can accomplish, settling for just a logo design and calling it a day.

So, why do you need a brand, not just a logo? Let’s explore the importance of branding in general and what goes into creating a strong, effective brand for your business.

If your brand isn't just a logo, what is it? Is it your company mission or slogan? Is it your marketing strategy, how you communicate, or the core values of your organization? Or is it simply what your customers say it is?

Well- it's all of these things, and more!

What is a brand?

Branding is the strategic effort to make people feel connected to your business and when done right, develops a unique and desirable personality for your business.

This can be created by including elements like, a color palette, typography usage, logo variations and usage, brand patterns, marketing collateral, graphic elements, tone of voice and more all with the purpose of connecting with your targeted audience.

Limiting your brand to just a logo can keep you within rigid boundaries, without room to expand and grow.

What is a logo?

a logo is purely for identification. Logos derive their meaning from the product or service it symbolizes and therefore seek to identify, not explain or sell.

Thought It is one of the ways to distinguish a brand in a competitive world, logo's cannot tell a story the same way your brand can.

An example of this would be Nike's name and logo vs. its brand. Nike is a global apparel powerhouse with focus on high quality materials and helping everybody become and athlete.

That being said, it is their consistent messaging and imagery used across their marketing and advertising that gives you this feeling of their brand- NOT just the name 'Nike' and swoosh logo alone.

Why does it matter?

In blind taste tests, most people cannot tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi, but chances are you would choose one over the other.

You don’t choose a brand because of the logo. You choose something like Coke because at some point you became loyal to that brand through a conscious effort made by these businesses to garner your favor.

So when it comes down to distinguishing yourself from competitors and gaining your edge to win the market, its going to be your brand that makes the difference and gives you that major boost.


Overall, branding makes sure all of the things you are doing are working toward a common goal, and clearly defining your value to your customer. By planning how you want people to think about your business, you have a better chance of controlling that narrative, gaining new customers and growing your business!


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