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Why Building a Community Around Your Brand Is Important

In general, a community provides a space for people with shared goals, challenges, and values to connect with each other.

A community built around your brand can not only benefit the members connecting with each other, but will also benefit your business in the long run through the trust and loyalty that will be earned.

Members of a community have shared goals, challenges, and values. As a brand owner, your products/services help them achieve their goals, while your community offers them support along the way.

Discussions in your community help you build connections with your customers, share advice, and make the most of your products/services. This in turn creates an environment where you provide value to your community and also receive value from them in return.

Brand loyalty and customer retention can help your bottom line too. It can cost up to 7x more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Plus, repeat customers are 9x more likely to convert than a first-time customer.

Want to learn more about your community and how to connect with them? Give these 3 questions a try in your content and messaging:

  1. What are your biggest challenges when it comes to [topic]?

  2. What do you want to learn more about?

  3. How can our brand help you succeed and meet your goals?

So to wrap up, a connected community are loyal customers, and loyal customers are a top-notch marketing tool. That's why a strong community boosts brand advocacy and will help you build your business in the long run!


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