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3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Can Accelerate Your Business Growth

Every one of your customers, current and potential, has an email address. People trust their inboxes, especially since there's no algorithm controlling the information they receive. That presents a golden opportunity to deliver high-quality content that regularly brings customers back to your site.

Here are 3 reasons why this can be so effective when it comes to growing your business.

1. Time tested strategy

Email marketing has existed since the start of the internet and has always been a powerful marketing channel for web users of all ages.

Email newsletters are a time-tested means of engaging with customers. They are familiar, easy to digest, and even welcomed in inboxes. It's often the preferred marketing medium for brands and services, with more than 60% of consumers preferring email for commercial communications.

With an email newsletter, you’re delivering your brand message to exactly where customers want to see it. This long history suggests that investing in a newsletter strategy will be effective and pay off for years to come.

2. Help you connect with more customers

A newsletter that provides exclusive, valuable information to subscribers and links back to content on your website. Rather than being a replacement to other outreach strategies, a newsletter builds on and enhances other content that you publish.

Engaging with customers through social media requires constant interaction and effort. Oftentimes, the algorithm and busy feeds drown out whatever you have to say with your fleeting posts. However, an email newsletter stays in inboxes and encourages more deliberate interaction with your content every time it's noticed.

3. Nurture new customer/client leads

Your mailing list contains people who have already expressed some level of interest in your business. This pre-selected audience will be more receptive to your marketing efforts than a general audience you might find via social media or search engine advertising.

Welcome emails also provide an excellent first impression with new customers and a way for you to direct them down a buying path that your social media content may not have been able to.


Ultimately, there’s no denying the advantages of an effective newsletter. A well-crafted email will make your business stand out, drive leads, and most importantly increase sales.

Help your business attract more interest, hold onto social media traffic, and keep your customers coming back with a time-tested resource that you can conveniently deliver straight to their inboxes!


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