Digital Signage

Put Your message front and center. Digital signage magnifies your reach through greater visibility with high definition digital media that directly engages your audience. Our powerful Display Manager Tools provide you with the flexibility to customize your display content. Using an intuitive flow, you can manage your digital signage from virtually anywhere! Our customers commonly experience return on investment in under a year because our products and process ensure focused and dynamic delivery of your marketing message.

We offer a variety of Pricing options for displays and programs. While each program has its nuances, all include the goal of making digital display affordable and accessible to almost any business. Digital HDA also provides the option of having multiple displays in your establishment. Using this plan, you can display and promote a variety of Programming throughout your locations. The simple fact is that our digital signage works on any HDMI capable television means we’re often able to work with a client’s existing hardware, saving you money! Contact us today for more information on Digital signage.

Digital Signage Feature

Our system highly flexible and supports scheduling to Single or Group Displays, Campaigns and Recurring Schedules. Our elegant and powerful Content Management System is packed with feature, like:

  • Custom User & Group Permissions
  • Dashboards
  • Day parting
  • Calendar-based scheduling
  • Campaigns
    (Organized Groups & Layouts)
  • Templates
  • Detailed Statistics

  • Text
  • Images and Video
  • RSS/Atom feeds (news tickers)
  • CSV files(spreadsheets)
  • Weather
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Web Pages
  • Live TV