Digital Signage


Boost your visibility and effectiveness with high definition digital media that will engage your audience directly. Give meaning to your marketing efforts by using our powerful Display Manager tool that gives you the flexibility to customize your display content, in an intuitive way, from anywhere you want. Our customer often sees results in less than a year, our product ensures you see a return on your investment!

Digital HD Advertising offers a variety of pricing options for our displays with the goal of making it affordable and accessible to any business. We also present the option to have multiple TV displays in your establishment so you can have a variety of different programming displaying throughout your property. Our digital signage works on any HDMI capable television so buying new hardware is often not required. Contact us today to get more information on Digital Signage.

Digital Signage Benefits


The primary reason to have a digital sign is to make your customer notice. Whether you display ads, menus or events, you want people to see and be influenced by your content.


Your content can change dynamically to deliver a specific message to your audience at each point in time. You can create items in advance or on a repeating schedule.


Digital signage can be interactive and can be changed on the fly as your needs change. Our system allows you to do this from anywhere in the world, individually or as a team.


Signage allows anyone to create stunning content for their environment without having to wait or pay for custom printed materials. No more printing errors, fix it right away!


Digital signage is everywhere, whether you operate a retail store, fitness center, restaurant, food truck or lobby area, we have a solution that will fit your need.


Features of our Digital Signage Software

Scheduling is highly flexible and supports scheduling to single Displays, Groups, Layouts, Campaigns and Recurring Schedules.
Management of our solution requires a powerful CMS (Content Management
System). Our CMS is packed with features, such as:       

  • Custom User and Group Permissions

  • Dashboards

  • Day parting

  • Calendar-based scheduling

  • Campaigns (ordered groups of Layouts)

  • Templates

  • Detailed Statistics

  • Text

  • Images and Video

  • RSS/Atom feeds (news tickers)

  • CSV files (spreadsheets)

  • Weather

  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)

  • Web Pages

  • Live TV



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This free whitepaper explores answers to common issues such as:

  • Increasing stay time at bars or on-premise locations

  • Reduce design costs for menus and advertising

  • Control energy costs of TV’s or monitors

  • Preventing black screens

  • Paper free

  • Ordering

  • Reduced customer wait-time

  • And more!


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