Brand Your Business By The Pint!

Brand your business by the pint.

On the table, in their hands or even stolen, patrons are going to read them. Whether your brand is already established or you’re just getting started, YOUR goal is GETTING NOTICED! In many forms of advertising, “seconds of attention” are the goal. But branded drinkware remain on the customer’s table for their entire visit. That means your logo is in front of them for minutes, if not hours. This combination of intrigue and exposure time makes our glasses a unique opportunity. Standard glasses are produced with 2 sponsor logos.

Choose from many local establishments such as:

  • Distillery (Greece)
  • Thirsty Turtle
  • Ferrari’s Pizza Bar
  • MicGinny’s on the River
  • TC Hooligans
  • More…

Choose from over 30 Locations. We continue to add locations weekly!